Catalonia and the United States: Two Lockean Revolutions 240 Years Apart

15 Aug

● ● ● ● Catalunya: Per Què Espanya?

Slide1_Title(The following is a slightly modified version of the presentation I gave at Georgetown University (Washington, DC) on April 16, 2015, as part of a conference entitled “The Case of the Catalans, 300 Years On”, which sought to explain the ongoing independence process in Catalonia to an American audience. / Aquesta és una versió lleugerament modificada de la presentació que vaig fer a Georgetown University (Washington, DC) el 16 d’abril del 2015, part d’una jornada acadèmica que, sota el títol “The Case of the Catalans, 300 Years On”, es proposava explicar al públic nord-americà l’actual procés d’independència a Catalunya.)

The United States declared independence by primarily invoking the political philosophy of John Locke, especially the idea that governments are legitimate only insofar as they fulfill the purpose for which they were established by the governed. Almost 240 years later, the process that is underway in Catalonia announces a new…

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